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It is common to associate acne with adolescence. However, its presence is also common in adults. In the last 20 years, the incidence has increased considerably, especially in women between 25 and 50 years of age  (1). Some cases persist from puberty, but others appear at older ages (2). Perhaps, we can attribute this increase to the hectic current lifestyle, lack of time, and ephemerality. Although, we must not forget the responsibilities, the stress, and the hormonal changes that arise in adulthood and that affect (and a lot!) the balance of the organism. The skin reflects the state of our interior, and the stability of the body is essential for a healthy appearance. Next, we are going to see what hormonal acne is and how to prevent it.

Do you know the dermal effects of tobacco? It is harmful to our health and that of our skin. It causes a lot of diseases that alter the body and skin balance. In addition, it influences deterioration and premature skin aging.

There are many factors that affect and damage our skin and hair health on a daily basis. For this reason, need to take specific care and, above all, to take care of our body as a whole. With these three steps, you can effectively maintain healthy skin and hair. 

Handwashing and showering, so necessary in our daily hygiene, can alter the pH of the skin and damage it. Need to use natural cosmetics that are respectful WITH OUR BODY AND OUR ENVIRONMENT, such as our Soapy Oil. It combines natural oils that provide well-being, cleanse, purify and hydrate the entire body, respecting the skin's pH. For us, it has already become essential to remove make-up, clean our hair, our intimate hygiene, our hands, and the whole body! We want to share more about its ingredients and how to use it to enhance its properties in the shower. We are sure that when you try it, you will love it as much as we do!


Vitamin D is essential to keep the body healthy. However, our body does not produce it, it needs to absorb it from the sun. It seems an easy task, especially in summer, but some factors and habits can make optimal exposure difficult. In this blog, we talk about the importance of absorbing vitamin D, and how to absorb it from the sun without damaging the skin.


Do you know the benefits of body self-massage? Caressing the skin of the body relaxes, lowers cortisol levels and promotes well-being with oneself. In this blog, we talk about some of the most interesting benefits of including body self-massage in your daily routine and how to do it in an easy and effective way to contribute to a FULL LIFESTYLE.

In this blog we want to explain to you what Neurocosmetics is, and some of the benefits it provides for physical, skin and emotional health. It is a very interesting and effective way of caring for and balancing the skin and well-being.


As we say at GGcare, the skin is the reflection of our interior and, to take care of it, we must pamper ourselves completely. Sleep is essential for health and to avoid problems that the skin externalizes through its appearance. In this blog, we talk about the importance of resting for skin health, and we explain how you can take care of it at night.

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