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GGcare suggests you a Soapy Oil so you enjoy its properties in your daily shower. Wheat germ essential oil is the part where all cereal nutrients are concentrated. The ideal procedure to maintain all of its excellent natural properties is extraction via first cold pressure.

100% Rosehip Oil by GGCARE. Cold-pressed and scented. 

How is rosehip oil obtained

Especially recommended for cancer patients

This super moisturizing cream enhances the look of the face by giving it light and colour. Probiotics in it improve the skin’s self defense and boost its renovation.

GGcare can help you
Dermatologists from across the country have detected some dermatological alterations on the skin of several patients of Covid-19 with no symptoms or presenting mild symptomatology.

GGcare tells you why we use it in our moisturizer. The schizandra chinensis

Traditional Chinese medicine has used this plant for centuries because of its numerous benefits. It is called Schisandra chinensis.

What is it? Macadamia is a tree original from Australia, even though it is also cultivated in areas of Hawaii and Costa Rica. Its fruits are macadamia nuts. Macadamia nuts have excellent and powerful properties for our organism.

The GGcarerelieving and repairing oil is your ideal oil for any type of radiation or burning. If you have any slight burning, apply the GGcare repairing oil.

You must certainly have heard of probiotics and their benefits on strengthening and balancing the functioning of our intestinal flora and our immune system.

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