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To have healthy skin it is necessary to take care of it. Factors such as age, stress, diet, or lifestyle influence skin health. Therefore, it is essential to correctly carry out a simple, effective routine adapted to each skin. In this blog, we explain how to perform the ideal routine to take care of your skin face.


A routine can vary depending on the needs of each skin. But it should always consist of cleaning, protection, hydration, and repair.

It is essential to clean the face in the morning and at night before starting the routine. During the day, prioritize hydration, and protection. There are many harmful external agents, such as pollution or the sun. Also, you can apply a touch of luminosity and color to enhance the appearance. At night, cleaning, repairing, and regenerating are essential to wake up with a perfect and radiant complexion.



Day routine


Clean: Soapy oil.
Moisten your face and apply a few drops of Soapy oil. Massage gently and rinse.

Moisturizes and softens: Repairing oil.
Apply a few drops of Repairing Oil and massage until absorbed. You will leave your face hydrated, and you will be able to smooth wrinkles and imperfections.

Hydrates, protects, and brightens: Moisturizing day cream SPF 20.
With this Colored moisturizing cream SPF20, you will be able to hydrate and protect the skin from the sun. In addition, you can use it as a makeup base. Its soft tone adapts to subtly brightening the face and preparing it for the whole day.


Night routine

Clean: Soapy oil.
Clean with Soapy oil just like in the morning. The goal is to remove debris and particles that have settled on the skin during the day.


Hydrates and promotes regeneration: Rosehip.
Once the skin is clean, apply a few drops of our Rosehip Oil, and massage gently until it has been absorbed. You will hydrate and repair the skin, leaving it radiant.


Regenerates: Night cream.
The night cream will be the final touch of the day to regenerate the skin and prepare it for the next day. Put it on after the Rosehip oil has been absorbed.

One tip! Close your eyes and breathe deeply while massaging your face. Breathe in slowly through your nose and out through your mouth. Focus on the smell of cosmetics and your breath. You will be able to relax and turn your routine into your moment of disconnection!


The order in which you apply it is important. Remember to always clean and then apply the oil as a serum. Finally, use the creams.

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