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Beat the heat with this healthy Mango and Chocolate ice cream! It contains the properties and vitamins of mango, and the delicious flavor of cocoa. An ideal combination to refresh yourself at any time and provide healthy nutrients to the body.

The accumulation of toxins can damage our cells and tissues. For this reason, and to purify the body, a balanced diet with foods that help expel them is essential. Next, we talk about some foods to eliminate toxins and improve skin health.

Matcha Tea has become one of the superfoods of the moment due to its versatility, flavor, and properties. It is a perfect gift of nature to take care of health and skin at any time of the year. Learn about its benefits and how to easily prepare a Matcha Tea to your liking!

It is important to activate the digestive system in the morning gently and efectively. Eating light foods that provide nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, such as fruits, will always be a good option. We share with you the recipe of a healthy smoothie* done with fresh fruits and vegetables. It improves vitality and well-being, and it is quick and easy to prepare!

Superfoods are a good way to complete a correct diet. They contain very beneficial properties for health. In this blog, we tell you some of the most interesting foods to take care of the body and the skin.


Legumes are nutritionally very interesting. They are an excellent source of fiber, protein, minerals, and B vitamins, from sustainable cultivation. Also, they reduce the use of polluting chemical fertilizers (1). Its consumption supposes advantages for our health and for the environment. However, there are myths that, along with other factors, have reduced its consumption in recent decades (2). Next, we mention some of these myths and deny them according to the Spanish Federation of Nutrition and the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition.


Calcium is essential to our body. A low percentage of this mineral can cause health problems such as osteoporosis. We explain the importance of having a varied diet rich in calcium and different foods that will help you maintain the levels that the body needs.


The immune system varies with seasonal changes and one of the keys to staying healthy is vitamin D. Next, we will see what vitamin D is for and how to increase it through diet.

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