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The immune system varies with seasonal changes and one of the keys to staying healthy is vitamin D. Next, we will see what vitamin D is for and how to increase it through diet.


Are you looking for easy and healthy appetizers to surprise your diners' palate? Take note, we leave you our favorite Christmas appetizers!


Are you aware of all the properties of mushrooms and want to cook them in an easy and healthy way? Read on and take note! We leave you a couple of recipes that you can make to enjoy the flavor and benefits of mushrooms.


There are many ways to drink coffee. While for some the best option is to savor it without losing its natural bitter touch, for others it is essential to mix it to complement or sweeten its flavor. Whatever your case, we will tell you how to complement and sweeten coffee without sugar in a healthy way and without losing its intense flavor.


September 13 is International Chocolate Day, and we want you to celebrate it as it deserves! To do this, we tell you how to choose healthy chocolate and what benefits it will provide you.

With high temperatures, it is very important to refresh ourselves and maintain correct body hydration. It is common for us to focus on cold foods. But is it really the best option?

Green tea with lemon and infusion of hibiscus and ginger with red berries.

Summer has finally arrived! And, with it, the need to refresh ourselves. A healthy way to combat heat without resorting to ultra-processed and sugary drinks is with cold tea. So, if you want to refresh yourself and bring vitamins, antioxidants and well-being to your body, we tell you some healthy, easy and delicious options, so you can prepare at any time. 

Woman wearing an avocado face mask and covering her right eye with an avocado.

The importance of taking Omega-3

Did you know that Omega-3 is crucial to take care of your health? Although traditionally blue fish is considered to be the star food of Omega-3, we want to show you vegetable alternatives so that this summer you can enjoy a varied diet and, at the same time, provide your body with the amount of Omega-3 it needs. So, if the fish is not your strong suit, you follow a vegetarian diet or simply want to know more about this component… Next we will tell you which are the vegetable options richest in Omega-3. 

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