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Summer is approaching and with it the high temperatures, which enhance fluid retention. What can be the causes that cause fluid retention?

We have all felt bloated at times, but do you know what the causes are?

Currently one of the "diets" that has become more fashionable is intermittent fasting. It has become really popular and many people recognize that it is the ultimate method of regulating your weight. But is that true? What are its benefits? What dangers are hidden?

Our organism self-regulates to guarantee the proper cellular functioning. Cells need an alkaline and highly-oxygenated environment. When our body produces more acid than the maximum amount that it is sable to remove, our organism acidifies and as a result we are more exposed to some diseases.

Carrots are one of the most versatile and vital roots that we have in the Mediterranean diet. A vegetable that cannot be missing in your daily diet, it gives you lots of nutrients very easily.

Nowadays SUPERFOODS are very popular. Why are they called this way? Which ones are they? They are called like this because of how important they are for our organism due to their properties and the benefits that they bring us.
These foods are not new. Actually, a lot of them are millenary.

GGcare Recommends oats for your diet. Oats (avena sativa) are the best cereals and a therapeutic food thanks to its complete group of beneficial properties for our body.

There are lots of fresh foods and products that improve our health. Water is essential for our hydration and to take care of ourselves internally and externally. Those foods that purify, detoxify and clean our organism are called detox foods.

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