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In previous blogs, we have talked about the benefits of meditation. However, we know that concentration, the key to meditation, can be difficult to achieve and develop. For this reason, we bring you the candle meditation, an efficient and simple way to concentrate, relax and start meditative practice.



Urine leakages can affect us in various areas, but, above all, in our well-being. Although incontinence can arise from various causes, it is usually due to weakening of the pelvic muscles and constipation. We will tell you some tips to prevent it and some pelvic floor exercises.


Do you know the benefits of having a positive mindset? In this blog we tell you some of them and we provide you with tips to live with more positivity and well-being from day to day, and of course, the return to the routine.


Do you know what natural cosmetics are and why you should choose them to improve your well-being?


In recent years, the use of natural cosmetics has increased, sensory experiences are the order of the day and being aware of what we need for well-being makes us more critical when choosing what we consume. Now, do you know exactly what natural cosmetics are, and why should you choose them over conventional ones? We explain it to you!

 Still life of GG care's soothing, healing oil, shown left, and GG care's pure cold-pressed, flavored rosehip oil, opened and shown right.

The four minerals you should know


Achieving the well-being of oneself is not always easy. For this reason, we are going to see how some elements such as minerals can help you do this and become a great support for your day to day.

Meditation has traditionally been a practice present in many religions and beliefs, but today it is a technique for relaxing the body and mind through working with the consciousness that is already used worldwide. The goal of meditation is not always to relax, as it also serves to increase our energy and work on sensations and emotions.

Little is said about gardening and its benefits, but today we will tell you all about them!

Gardening is therapeutic and, in fact, there is a widespread practice called Horticultural Therapy with which patients with different diseases are helped by taking care of plants and flowers.

GGcare recommends antiaging facial yoga. Throughout life we go through different phases. Sometimes we feel fantastic, like when we return from our vacation, and other times we don’t even recognise ourselves in the mirror and our face looks old and tired.

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