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At GGcare, we like to take care of ourselves and enjoy the wonders of nature. For this reason, we want to recommend forest bathing. Experiential walks to leave the frenetic rhythm of cities and connect with nature and with oneself. It provides many health benefits!


To achieve a full life, is essentially the balance of body and mind. It is not an easy task, nor is it something that happens from one day to the next. It is a personal evolution resulting from incorporating small changes to your lifestyle that improve emotional and physical health. We give you some tips, so you can implement, adapt to your lifestyle and evolve towards a life full of well-being.


After a long day of work, stress, or activity, pain in the cervical area may appear. Do you know why it appears, and how to combat it with simple exercises? If you suffer it, or you want to prevent it, this blog will interest you.


If you like getting up early, but getting active every morning is a difficult task for you... we recommend you these tips. They are basic and essential for your well-being and will help you start the day with energy and motivation!


Did you know that a gesture as simple as hugging can influence health and the improvement of diseases? We explain six reasons why you should hug every day. We are sure that they will help you turn this gesture into a daily ritual of complicity, well-being, and happiness!


Did you know that breathing fresh air is essential for your well-being and good quality of life? We tell you five tricks to keep the environment free of dust, toxic particles and aerosols, easily and effectively.


A scent can evoke all kinds of emotions, moods, or memories. Smell influences well-being, that is why it is essential to choose well the aroma that we put in the home or in the spaces where we spend more hours so that the environment is pleasant. Next, we tell you what is the best occasion to put some natural aromas according to the properties and the benefits that smell them generate.


In previous blogs, we have talked about the benefits of meditation. However, we know that concentration, the key to meditation, can be difficult to achieve and develop. For this reason, we bring you candle meditation, an efficient and simple way to concentrate, relax and start meditative practice.

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