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Natural and effective cosmetics to take care of yourself



Our love and dedication to improve well-being is what drives us.

GGcare was born with two purposes. One is the skin’s care and regeneration and another is to improve people’s well-being.

This is the reason why we decided in the first place to create oncological cosmetics.
What happened to GGcare? Thanks to the success gained in effectiveness and satisfaction on numerous patients and also thanks to the support from health professionals, we have felt really encouraged to offer our products to anyone who may want them, not just people in some medical treatment.

We all deserve to be and feel well on every level!

Our skin is the barrier that protects us from external agents, so it deserves all our love and attention. It is not only a matter of avoiding wrinkles and looking younger, it is about our skin being healthy to protect us.

With GGcare’s active principles, we achieve a healthy and restored skin when it is damaged. Besides, thanks to our product’s essential oils with aromatherapy effects, we can boost the sensation of calm and well-being.

Glòria García - GGcare Cosmetics

Glòria Garcia, founder of ALTA Cosmètica SL

In GGcare we aspire to be an efficient company. Our positive and radiant mindset is precisely thanks to our well-being and that’s the message we want to get across, not only with our products but also with our posts.

We have created GGcare’s INTEGRATIVE COSMETICS.

We want to take care of you in every aspect so that you can benefit from a HEALTHY LIFE:

  • Efficient dermo-cosmetics External health, to take care of your skin: GGcare creates products with powerful and natural active principles that restore and heal your skin.
  • Efficient dermo-cosmetics Internal health, to take care of your body: We give you basic tips about natural foods so that your diet can be an easy method to improve your well-being.
  • Efficient dermo-cosmetics Emotional health, to take care of your mind: We communicate positively and advise activities and actions that will help you see and live your life with more optimism.
  • Doctora Pilar Manchón

    Centro Diagnostico por la Imagen Manchón.


    "Cuidar siempre y tratar de curar cuando se pueda es la obligación que tenemos los médicos con los pacientes.

    Es por eso que agradecemos que haya productos como los de GGcare que estén pensados para las personas que necesitan los cuidados más delicados, pero que también podemos utilizar para mimarnos a nosotros mismos. Me gustan sobretodo sus aromas y su sensación agradable sobre la piel"

  • Núria Sáez Gomez

    CEO of nus.agency

    President de ACICDDI (nurse expert on body image)

    “GGcare is ideal for delicate skins, it has a perfect line to treat the skin gently with softness, regeneration and hydration. And your skin feels healthy, i recommend it.”

  • Team of ANIMARE

    Store specialized in cancer patients.

    “Well-being, balance and healing, three concepts to highlight in all your cosmetics line, along with a great team, make you the essential in the healing of people with cancer treatments.”

  • Maite Cotano

    Centro Capilar. REUS (Tarragona)

    "Soy adicta al aceite jabonoso para desmaquillarme y mi producto estrella es el aceite aliviante"

  • Vanessa Nueda

    Blog “El Crep de mi vida

    Expaciente de cáncer. 

    "Me conquistó por el olfato. Durante el tratamiento había conocido otras marcas de cosmética oncológica pero no eran nada agradables en cuanto aromas, y teniendo en cuenta lo que llegan a molestar los olores durante la quimioterapia es un factor muy importante. Conforme conocí sus productos más me gustaron, agradables al tacto y con resultados excelentes. Empecé a utilizar la crema calmante para los niños y la experiencia fue buenísima, a día de hoy es uno de nuestros productos imprescindibles"

  • Marta Pujol

    President of “Activity Girls”. Ex patient of breast cancer.

    “Super fortunate to get to know these products in this stage of life and I have already introduced them to mi daily routine. The soapy oil is my favourite, the night cream moisturizes my skin, damaged from the effects of chemo and menopause, the rosehip oil with citrus aroma and the coloured cream that gives my skin a mattified and natural look. I can only recommend them.”

GGcare dermocosmetics

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