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Effective natural cosmetics

Products clinically tested on real cases
Final result: 100% efficiency and satisfaction with all products
Study made on 93 women, patients of oncologist Dr. Pere Gascón from Clínic Hospital in Barcelona and patients of
Dr. Pilar Manchón from Manchón Image Diagnosis Centre in Barcelona.


Colored moisturizing cream, brightening SPF 20

SKU: CN 191218.3 (to order in your pharmacy)

This super moisturizing cream improves the appearance of...

Not Rated Yet


Night cream, regenerative

SKU: CN 191219.0 (to order in your pharmacy)

Nourishing cream, especially repairing and...

Not Rated Yet


Body cream, calming

SKU: CN 191217.6 (to order in your pharmacy)

Relieves itching and moisturizes head, face and body.



Soapy shower oil, purifying

SKU: CN 191216.9 (to order in your pharmacy)

It moisturizes all your body during shower or bath.

Not Rated Yet


Repairing oil, relieving

SKU: CN 191215.2 (to order in your pharmacy)

It repairs the skin, even open wounds. It can be applied...

Not Rated Yet


Rosehip oil, cold-pressed, scented

SKU: CN 191220.6 (to order in your pharmacy)

Powerful regenerator, can be applied on any body...

Not Rated Yet

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