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Body Repair Pack + VISOR: Calming body cream, Soapy shower Oil, VISOR

SKU: N21.3 (to order in your pharmacy)
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57,20 €
42,90 €
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Repair the skin of your body from the effects of summer. Natural products with immediate action. Ingredients with softening, repairing, regenerating and anti-inflammatory properties. Oils with aromatherapy effect. Body cream, calming. Soapy shower oil, purifying.

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Body cream, calming:

  • Your best AFTERSUN
  • EXTRA HYDRATING capacity.
  • Stop all itching! Immediately soothes ITCHING throughout the body. 

Total effectiveness for the treatment of psoriasis, atopic skin and skin damaged by oncological treatments, alopecia and sunburn. Clinically tested. Cruelty-free.

Soapy shower oil, purifying:

  • The triple top! Moisturizes, cleans and disinfects
  • It is the comfortable solution for DAILY HYDRATION.
  • Multiple applications: facial cleanser, intimate hygiene and atopic, allergic and damaged skin due to oncological treatments.
    Clinically tested. Cruelty-free.  

* Suitable for all skin types. Even for skin allergic to shower gel or perfumes, and weak hair with allergy to shampoos.


Recommendations of use

Use the Soapy oil like shower gel. Apply to wet skin, spread by gently massaging with your hands, and rinse with plenty of water. Once the skin is clean and dry, apply the soothing cream all over the body. If you experience itchy skin during the day, you can reapply the cream to the area to soothe it as many times as necessary.

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